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Hermit Crab @ Melasti - Amed

PADI Enriched Air/Nitrox

Does Enriched Air/Nitrox allow me to go deeper? NO

Does Enriched Air/Nitrox make me dive longer? NO

Nitrox does not allow you to dive deeper. Quite the contrary. It does give you longer bottom times. It also doesn’t make your tank last longer. So why should you consider doing this course?

The reasons are quite simple actually. Cause diving with Enriched Air/Nitrox is less straining on the body. More oxygen means less nitrogen and as such less stress on the body. You will feel less tired after a day of diving. It also helps you to stay longer at depth, as it will prolong your bottom times. You want to explore the Boga Wreck in Kubu for example, but regular air gives you very little bottom time at 30m? Try doing Nitrox and you get a considerable amount of extra minutes at 30m.

Enriched Air/Nitrox Information:

  • Time: 1 Day
  • Dives: 2
  • PADI Price:  2.600.000 IDR (+- US$ 170)

PADI Underwater Digital Photography

We all love to take pictures to help us remember what we have seen or have done during our travels and hobbies. But underwater pictures require a different technique than just pictures on land. Colors are different and light gets absorbed a lot faster. Underwater particles and differences in visibility make underwater photography more challenging, but the rewards of an awesome picture that fully captures the amazing colors you find under water that you can show off to your friends or the world, makes everything worth the hours of practice.

Bali Reef Divers can help you improving your results dramatically in just a few sessions. The PADI Digital underwater Photography course will take you through all kinds of tricks and skills that will help you to eventually take the perfect shot and make your favorite hobby even more fun!

Underwater Digital Photography Information:

  • Time: 1 day
  • Dives: 2
  • PADI Price: 2.600.000 IDR (+- US$170)
  • Camera Rental: 400.000 IDR/day (+- US26)

PADI specialties prices include: PADI Online manual and certification, equipment rental, local taxes, transport to and from the dive sites, instructor fee, water/coffee/tea/snacks. 


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